Manos de Cristo Receives Maximus Foundation Grant As Part of 2023 Annual Giving

Maximus Foundation to Award $2.2 Million in 2023 to Non-Profits Nationwide for Community Development, Youth Programs, and Healthcare Services

[Austin, TX] – [June 2023] – Maximus, a leading employer and provider of government services worldwide, announced that the Maximus Foundation awarded Manos de Cristo a grant for part of its annual giving to 191 non-profit organizations across the United States this year.

The grants aim to further three key themes that drive the Foundation’s work: community development, youth programs, and healthcare services. The number of grantees represents a 14.3% increase over the number of 2022 grantees, and the total giving is the most significant annual level in the Foundation’s 23-year history.

“The Maximus grant allows Manos de Cristo to provide high-quality dental care to people who do not have insurance and cannot afford to pay for regularly-priced dental services at a private dental practice. Dental care should not be a luxury but accessible to everyone in our community. We all deserve the right to have a healthy mouth, which directly affects our overall health,” said Julie Ballesteros, Manos de Cristo Executive Director.

The Manos Dental Center serves uninsured, financially disadvantaged patients. The Dental Center has been essential to the Austin safety net since 1988. Our dental providers educate patients on the importance of oral health to their overall health and well-being. The Center also has referral relationships with local hospitals to keep patients from visiting crowded emergency rooms that are often unable to provide appropriate care and to help them avoid expensive bills. The grant funded by the Maximus Foundation will enable Manos de Cristo to keep dental fees low, become a home for routine oral healthcare, and provide emergency, restorative, and preventative care to our underserved neighbors in Central Texas.

“The Maximus Foundation is honored to offer a grant to Manos de Cristo in recognition of their ongoing commitment to promoting the reduction of health disparities and personal growth through healthcare services,” said Dr. Arvenita Washington Cherry, Maximus Foundation President. “With this award, we recognize Manos de Cristo for their critical role in creating healthier communities.”

The Maximus Foundation, which was founded by the company’s board of directors in 2000, is committed to supporting organizations and programs that promote personal growth and self-sufficiency through improved health, child, family, and community development. The non-profits receiving grants in 2023 from the Maximus Foundation provide a wide range of critical services, programs, and training.
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About Manos de Cristo
Manos de Cristo, founded in 1988, meets essential needs by providing adults and children with low-cost dental care, educational opportunities, a back-to-school program to prepare elementary students for school with new clothing and school supplies, and emergency food and clothing relief. The Manos de Cristo Dental Center is one of the few not-for-profit dental facilities in Austin. Our life-changing services empower people of all backgrounds to build self-esteem, self-confidence and the ability to participate fully in the life of our community. All are welcome.

About Maximus
As a leading strategic partner to governments across the globe, Maximus helps improve the delivery of public services amid complex technology, health, economic, environmental, and social challenges. With a deep understanding of program service delivery, acute insights that achieve operational excellence, and an extensive awareness of the needs of the people being served, our employees advance the critical missions of our partners. Maximus delivers innovative business process management, impactful consulting services, and technology solutions that provide improved outcomes for the public and higher levels of productivity and efficiency of government-sponsored programs. For more information, visit

About the Maximus Foundation
As the philanthropic arm of Maximus, the Foundation extends the mission of the Company by identifying and awarding grants to partners with specialized expertise to deliver results within the same populations and communities served by the public programs the Company operates. The Maximus Foundation is completely funded by Maximus and its employees, in partnership with local community organizations with programs and projects in the areas of child and youth development, health, and community development.