Ruben, Manos Student


Ruben, a retired father, began taking English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at Manos de Cristo in 2014 to better communicate with his family and the community. Before enrolling in ESL, Ruben had trouble going to the grocery store, reading street signs and ordering a meal at a restaurant. He felt paralyzed in a city where he couldn't read or speak the language. “I would not answer the telephone or answer the door because I was nervous that I could not speak English.” Rather than continuing to struggle, Ruben took the initiative to better his English skills and enrolled in class.

After completing three levels of ESL classes at Manos, Ruben no longer relies on his son to order for him at restaurants.  “My goal in Manos is to learn English and speak and read very well and to understand what people tell me.” His tenacity, commitment and motivation to succeed are qualities that are not uncommon amongst our students here at Manos de Cristo.  “I am happy and thankful for Manos de Cristo.”