Annual Reports

Each year we look back at our adventures and accomplishments in serving the Austin community. These reports include financial statements, numbers of clients served through our various programs, progress made via our volunteers, and highlights of our strategic goals to give a glimpse of our mission achievement.


finanicals 2018 Annual Report (download)

finanicals 2017 Annual Report (download)

finanicals 2016 Annual Report (download)

finanicals 2015 Annual Report (download

finanicals 2014 Annual Report (download

finanicals 2013 Annual Report (download)

finanicals 2012 Annual Report (download)

finanicals 2011 Annual Report (download)

finanicals 2010 Annual Report (download)

finanicals 2009 Annual Report (download)




IRS 990 Forms

As a 501(c)(3) organization, Manos de Cristo files a Form 990 each year with the Internal Revenue Service. This return provides detailed financial data, a listing of annual expenses and sources of revenue, and other information about our organization.


finanicals 2018 Form 990 (download)

finanicals 2017 Form 990 (download)

finanicals 2016 Form 990 (download)

finanicals 2015 Form 990 (download)

finanicals 2014 Form 990 (download)

finanicals 2013 Form 990 (download)

finanicals 2012 Form 990 (download)

finanicals 2011 Form 990 (download)

finanicals 2010 Form 990 (download)

finanicals 2009 Form 990 (download)




Audited Financial Statements

finanicals 2018 Audit (download)

finanicals 2017 Audit (download)

finanicals 2016 Audit (download)

finanicals 2015 Audit (download)

finanicals 2014 Audit (download)

finanicals 2013 Audit (download)

finanicals 2012 Audit (download)

finanicals 2011 Audit (download)

finanicals 2010 Audit (download)

finanicals 2009 Audit (download)